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Textile Conservation Anna-Maja Lyko

>>Your Textiles in Confident Hands<<

Welcome to Textile Conservation Lyko in Cologne!

Historical textiles – whether in use or being used as a decoration – can exhibit different shapes and styles. Textile artefacts can also be found together with other materials. For you and conservators the original item contains a special value due to its history. However, textiles can react sensitively due to damage and deterioration that has occurred over time.

Purpose and Ethics of the Conservation Field

The purpose of conservation is the preservation of cultural property for future generations. This involves protecting the object from further deterioration while retaining the authenticity of the object including any signs of usage.

For the conservation of unique pieces and cultural property we are working on the basis of the ethical conservation principles. This makes it important to recognize the condition and to identify the manufacture of the artefact for the evaluation of a suitable conservation concept with suitable conservation techniques. It is necessary too that the work follows scientific guidelines and standards. Therefore we take care of each object with the same demand of responsibility and accuracy.

Speciality: Conservation of Textiles

Our special field comprises the conservation of European and extra-European textiles resp. from world’s cultures, also archaeological fibres and material-combined textiles. Within our field we offer a wide range of services. Please take a look around our webpage for further information.


- Professional documentation of objects,
- Evaluation of the condition,
- Identification of materials and techniques,
- Preparing conservation concepts and expert reports,
- Professional conservation treatment,
- Caring for exhibition,
- Collections care,
- Staff training and courses

Our clients are museums, castles, churches, religious establishments, private collections, antiquities and monuments offices. Furthermore we are employed by excavation sites, insurers, auctioneers, art-dealers, foundations, clubs and associations.

If you are looking to seek expert advice we would be pleased to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or need more information. If possible, please send a photo of the original and your contact details adress, mail and phone number for quick processing. Thank you!


Anna-Maja Lyko
Textile Conservator M.A.
Hoeninger Weg 120
D-50969 Cologne

Mobile: +49 151 501 360 92
Mail: mail@restaurierung-lyko.de